Beautiful day for flying!

Just about to take off! I’m heading to Melbourne for a couple of days for work, hopefully the weather is better when I get back!

Ugh, where’s my signal at?

Why are you busting my balls Austria, I just need to call my bank in Australia and find out why I can’t withdraw any money!

Meeting some Swiss Cows

Meeting some of the locals up in the hills in Switzerland.

And below is the flat version of the image as well.



Basically there doesn’t seem to be a way to embed the Theta 360 images on, so to actually see the 360 photo you’ll need to click on the link above.

End of the day

End of the day, catching up on some YouTube, drinking some wine, watching the moon rising, been a good day in Baar. (at ibis Baar Zug)

I’m still alive

I’ve been travelling a lot of late, combo that with a build up of work in the office, I’m a bad blogger.

Hopefully after this current trip, I’m sitting in Sydney Airport waiting for a flight currently, things will settle a bit and I can start catching up on the happenings…