Home brewing

I’ve gotten back into home brewing again. Mostly I’ve just stuck to basic kits, i.e. Coopers Pale Ale brew can + Sugar + Yeast, which has been fine but in the last month or two I’ve really gotten into a bunch of different American Amber Ales, Imperial Pale Ales, and a few other really ‘hoppy’ styles of ale so I wanted to try my own hand at making something a little more like those beers.

And then I discovered Coopers Online Store, where they have a ‘recipe of the month’ pack…which just happens to be a pretty hoppy ale named Chubby Cherub, so of course I ordered the kit and made the beer over the weekend. It should be ready for bottling on Thursday or Friday this week, and then the first tastings in 3-4 weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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